Tons and tons of cargo are processed each week in our freight room. Felix is responsible for weighing, checking, labeling, packaging your items before they are loaded into our aircraft. Do you have a question for Felix?  Call him on +211 (0)922 690 522

Where would you like to fly today using one of our shuttle or charter services? We can help you decide which option is right for you, generate a quote and make sure you have all the information necessary to make your trip successful. Please contact us by email or phone.

If your query is about new locations, what our planes can and cannot do, airstrip conditions, weather, geography or the hundred other variables that go into planning a flight service, then Malony and John can help.  

The friendly check-in team, Lavina and David, are there to make sure your journey starts smoothly. After check-in with MAF, they will guide you through Juba International Airport and deliver you straight to the plane.  

Do you have an exciting new project you’d like to tell us about? Why not get in touch and discuss it with Jaap.

If you have an enquiry about billing, statements or payment methods, our Finance Team are here to help!  Drop us a line on.

Our international team of pilots undergo rigorous training to fly in South Sudan. Each one raises financial support in their home nation to support their dream of serving the people of South Sudan.