Charter flights

Reaching remote areas is what we do. Let us help you and your team reduce the stress and risk of travelling to these areas by chartering one of our planes. Air travel is safer, less time consuming and often cheaper than travelling by road in South Sudan.

Chartering an aircraft allows you to choose your destination and the time you would prefer to fly.

If you would like to charter an aircraft but don’t have enough passengers to fill it, we can offer the empty seats to other partners who may be interested in joining your flight. Any passengers who join a flight will pay a fee for their seat, which will assist to reduce your flight costs.

Funeral Flights

MAF South Sudan is able to offer repatriation flights on request to carry coffins and family members to their home communities.   

Please contact our bookings staff to discuss a body repatriation charter. Contact details are available on our contact page or email [email protected]